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I treat all learners, humans and dogs, as individuals with specific needs that must be met to thrive.  I ensure that before we 'train' we understand what their behaviour tells us about their nature and needs; this will inform the ways in which we can improve the welfare of the dog and their family.

Learning Paths

Image by Ron Fung

Behaviour Consultations

Living with a dog isn’t always easy and living with a problem behaviour isn’t much fun. 

I understand.  Good news, it’s never too late to address a problem behaviour, even if it’s existed for a long time.

I am dedicated to working with family dogs and their humans to resolve common behaviour problems and more serious ones like fear and aggression.

I help people and their dogs navigate life by building trusting relationships.

My goal is to make sure dogs and their humans are happy.  

Areas of Focus include working with dogs who:

  • Bark and lunge at strangers and/or dogs

  • Nip, bite or injure people and/or dogs

  • Covet thing like toys, bones, or stolen objects

  • Are sensitive to handling such as when touched, held, groomed, or restrained

  • Are fearful in new or strange environments or around new people

Dog Training

Life Skills

Private, in-home, lessons covering everything you and your dog need to live happily together.     

Examples ​

  • Name recognition

  • Calm behaviours

  • Reliable Recall, come when called

  • Polite greetings (Humans and Dogs)

  • Keeping Four on the floor

  • Walking together

  • Emergency recall 

  • Trade with me

  • Impulse control

Image by Jametlene Reskp

Puppy Parenting

Puppies are blank slates who are ready to learn. They quickly form good relationships and habits with the right mentoring. Let’s help them be prepared to navigate life together.

In addition to life skills I can help you navigate specific puppy challenges such as: 

  • Toileting

  • Nipping and Biting

  • Safe Socialisation

  • Enrichment

  • Relaxation Behaviours

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